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Jul1 Friday, July 01, 2011 by W5 SuperUser

Focus on the moving your body in the right order to hit straight and generate power.


The Sage Report and News

Time 9:04am Time 10:16am

Michael Bratzler Ralph Turner

Tom Lamb Terry Burns

Bud Goins Roy Floyd

Ron Chance 10:24am

9:12am Rob Gonzales

Doc Keehnan Daryl Muzzi

Larry Cockrell Clint Handlin

James Allman Ron Johnson

Barry Schoppman 10:32am

9:20am Dennis Becco

John Kennedy Rick Wells

Scott Howells Darwin Rowland

Frank Kight Doug Smeltzer

Nick Jannis 10:40am

9:28am Dick Montoya

Monty Moore Bill Gibson

Scott Moore Tony Grinceri

Mark Cadloni Dave Townsend

Chris Azar 10:48am

9:36am Ray Seifert

Jim Lockwood James Scanlan

Bruce Miller Ken Threadgill

Ron Bruner Steve Fuetsch

Kirk Schwoyer 10:56am

9:44am Skosh Bell

Dan Landa Buck Houston

Shawn McMenomy Larry Goldsmith

Keith McCoy John Morris

Ed Maher 11:04am

9:52am Bill Stenberg

Steven Hopkins Jack Beall

Jay Ender Jack Lanier

Derrak Calvert Brian Reese

Mike Winnie 11:12am

10:00am Ralph Fellows

William Duenas Jerry Heckathorn

William Pereda Neil Fox

John Montross 11:20am

Chuck Kozak Calvin Carpenter

10:08am Robert Cornish

Chuck Woodard Jerry Mager

David Smit Richard Campbell

Dan Kanyr 11:28am

Dean Olson Roy Cummings

Donald Boston

Jim Binks


Everyone has fun at Sierra Sage
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The Golf Course is open for play.  For Tee Time reservations, please call the Golf Shop at (775) 972-1564  or book on our website.  Golf Shop hours are 6:00 am to 7:00 pm during the month of August.



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Washoe County Championship Saturday July 19th & 20th, 2014 Northern Nevada Hat Cutler Memorial
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